Girls 7th Grade Volleyball, Girls 8th Grade Volleyball · MS Volleyball Dominates Short Season

Fall sports are beginning to wrap up and it was a great season for Middle School Volleyball.  Manson fielded 3 teams and in total played 19 games and won all 19.  Manson won 55 sets and only lost 2.

The eight grade team consisted of Isabella Alexander, Yanitza Farias, Camille Hutton, Stella Petersen, Lydia Petersen, Genesis Torres, Afton Torgesen and Brynn Williams.  This group dominated opponents in a tougher league and won every set they played.  This team has the school excited about the future of an already strong high school volleyball program.

The 7th grade team also went undefeated and consisted of Isabella Aburto, Maggie Gosvener, Kayden Koth, Phinley Teague, Lacey McClanahan, Karly Naranjo, Rylee Winters, and Isabella Wisdom.  We were also one of the only teams to have a 3rd team of middle school volleyball players.  Our Blue team was undefeated as well.  The blue team was made up of Kiara Rivera, Andrea Rodriguez, Eleena Zhuk, Julie Sotelo-Solorio, Kimberly Sanchez, Yadira Farias, Claudia Espinoza, Marili Chavez, Yuli Cesar and Sofia Orozco.

In a crazy year this team went though a lot and continually met the challenges they faced.  Coaches Wiggum, Petersen and Lovelace did a great job keeping this team together and focused on having a great year.  The future of Manson Volleyball is bright!